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Twin DNA Test - are you identical or fraternal?

Twins DNA Testing

DNA testing for twins can help you determine if you are an identical twin or not. Twin siblings can either be 'identical' or 'fraternal'. The only accurate way to confirm the nature of the relationship is through a twins test.

Knowing whether twins are identical or fraternal is often difficult. Appearance alone often is not a reliable method in determining twin type because identical twins do not always look exactly the same, and fraternal twins can sometimes look very similar, leading to confusion about exactly what type of twins they are. Sometimes, twins grow up never knowing for sure whether they are identical.

There are many possible reasons to have a twins DNA test. Some examples include:

Curiosity testing: Parents of twins and twins themselves may wish to know whether they are identical or non-identical.

Medical necessity: In medical situations requiring blood transfusions and organ transplantation, an identical twin can help save the second twin's life. Knowing twin zygosity beforehand is thus beneficial for timely action in these occurrences.

Medical research: Twin studies have provided valuable information to the research community. Twin studies help to examine the contribution of environmental and genetic factors in the study of ageing, the study of genetic diseases.

The sample collection is a simple and painless procedure, using a mouth swab to wipe off a specimen of saliva and cheek cells from the twins mouth. Please refer to our DNA sample collection procedure page for visual instructions on how to take the samples.

At easyDNA the samples are analysed with our state-of-the-art genetic identification system using 16 different genetic markers. The results guarantee minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%.

Results are available within 5-7 working days after arrival of the samples at our labs.

A twin zygosity test costs €189 for two siblings to be tested. The cost for additional siblings (for triplets, quadruplets, etc.) is €100 per person.

Our express service option allows your DNA samples to be processed within 48 Hours from receipt of samples at our laboratory.  For the additional service express fee you will have your results emailed to you within 48 Hours. This service is offered to all DNA tests including relationship testing. This service is not applicable to non-standard samples such as hair, clothing and cigarette butts.

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