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DNA Sample Collection Guide - DNA Home Testing Kit

Using our DNA testing kit to collect your DNA samples is very simple and straightforward. The process is done using oral swabs which are rubbed gently on the inside of the mouth. Hence no blood is involved and process is completely pain free. Once you order the kit it will be sent to you from the nearest office to your location. In most cases the kit will arrive withing a few business days from when we confirmed the order. The kit will contain all you require to collect your DNA samples and send them back to us for testing.

We recommend that for additional information on collecting your DNA samples you follow these visuals provded below. This process has to be repeated for every person to is participating in the DNA test.

Step One:  (view image)
Inside our pre-packed kit you will normally find three coloured envelopes which can be used to test up to three individuals. Of course if you ordered a two person test the third envelope is extra. If you ordered more than three people then there should be an envelope for each individual participating.

Step Two:  (view image)
Every envelope will contain inside it a pair of swabs It is strictly recommended to avoid eating or drinking at least half an hour prior to doing the sampling.

Step Three:  (view image)
In BLOCK LETTERS, clearly and correctly fill in the submission forms. Make to sure also fill in the outside of the envelope with the correct information. If in doubt what you need to fill in contact us.

Step Four:  (view image)
Remove the swabs from the paper packaging. Be careful not to touch the cotton end of the swab with anything so it remains sterile. There are two swabs provided per each person to be tested.

Step Five:  (view image)
Rub the cotton end of the swab along the inside of your cheek, under your tongue and behind your lips as well. Do this for 10 seconds per person. Remember you are collecting cheek cells and not just saliva, so rub right against the inside of the cheek. Do this with both of the colour coded swabs per person.

Step Six:  (view image)
Before placing the swab back in the coloured envelope allow the swab a MINIMUM of 1 hour to dry. Place the swab somewhere that the end of the swab is not touching anything else. When dry place the swabs back in the colour coded envelope. Do NOT touch the end of the swab at anytime, even to check if it is dry.

Step Seven:  (view image)
Place the colour coded envelopes into the easyDNA self addressed envelope with your submission form and send back to easyDNA for processing. Please remember to affix a postage stamp.

In a rush? Learn how you can make your own DNA collection kit

If you are pressed for time why not create your own testing kit from home to save time and money? easyDNA provides you with easy-to-follow instructions for you to collect and send your DNA samples today! Learn how to make your own home kit now.


  • To allow your swabs to dry place them cotton-end up in a clean empty glass. Put the glass in a safe, clean area, allowing the swabs time to dry. Always ensure that you do not mix up or contaminate the swabs, keep swabs from different participants in a separate glass.
  • Sample collection can be performed at any age including newborn babies.

The procedure is very straightforward however if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on Alternatively you can visit our frequent questions page to find our more specific information about our DNA testing in general. 

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