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DNA Relationship Testing

easyDNA offers DNA relationship testing priced from only EUR329. DNA relationship testing can be used to assess if two or more people share a biological relation. In situations where the alleged parents are unavailable for testing, a DNA siblings test can be performed to analyse the relationship of biological siblings through direct comparison with their alleged relatives.

Relationship testing is slightly more complex than paternity testing and can be used to determine various types of relationships in different situations.

Depending on the people available for testing, there are several different testing methodologies that can be used according to the alleged relationships. An explanation of the various DNA testing methodologies is provided below.

easyDNA offers the following types of testing: 

DNA testing: sibling

Sibling DNA testing is ideal in situations where two alleged siblings want to confirm their biological relationship and verify if they are full or half siblings or possibly not related at all. The DNA siblings test can be conducted with or without the parent’s sample.

easyDNA can confirm if two people are related by sharing one or both parents, meaning that they are either full or half siblings. In the case of half sibling testing, the sample of the known parent/s (normally the Mother) is recommended to strengthen the results of the test if available.

Siblingship testing is priced from €329. Results are available in 5-7 working days receipt of samples at the laboratory.

DNA testing: grandparentage

In situations where the alleged father is unavailable for testing such as he is  deceased or unwilling to participate, the alleged father's parents can be tested to determine whether they are the true biological grandparents of the child. When conducting a grandparentage test, it is recommended to test both grandparents (the grandmother and the grandfather) in order to obtain the most conclusive results. If this is not possible, a grandparentage test can be conducted by testing only one grandparent. The sample of a common parent (normally the mother) must be included to strengthen the results of the test if only 1 grandparent is available.

The Grandparentage test is priced from €359. Results are available in 5-7 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

DNA testing: aunt/uncle (avuncular testing)

Avuncular testing assesses whether an individual is the aunt or uncle of another person. This type of case is often used when the alleged parent of the person is deceased and/or unwilling to participate in testing and a brother or sister of the alleged parent is still alive and available for testing. The sample of the mother is recommended to strengthen the results of the test but is not necessary.

Avuncular testing is priced from €329. Results are available in 5-7 working days receipt of samples at the laboratory.

DNA testing: testing methodologies

STR analysis – determine whether you are for full or half siblings

A brother to sister DNA sibling Test analysis a very large number of different DNA points (known as loci) in the persons tested. Full siblings and half siblings of course share a lot more DNA in common than do unrelated persons. Of course half siblings do not share as much as full siblings. The purpose of this test is therefore to look at the amount of DNA shared in common and to apply statistical analysis to deduce the biological relationship.

Because the analysis is based on a comparison on common DNA, it is always best to submit the sample from any known parent/s of the person/s being tested. This will drastically help the evaluation process as it allows for a more accurate identification as we can then separate the maternal and paternal DNA of the individual being tested.

Y-STR testing – confirm male biological relatives

Y-STR Testing is used to determine if two males share the same paternal lineage. It can also be used in cases where male cousins want to see if their fathers were brothers or to check if they shared a common Grandfather through the paternal line. The Y chromosome is inherited and passed on from father to son through the generations. Since it has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, it will remain the same through many generations. It is only broken by the birth of a Daughter but if a direct male line can be concluded then all males in that direct male lineage will have the identical Y pattern. Y-STR testing is priced from €329 for two males to be tested.

X chromosome testing – used to determine if two alleged sisters with different mothers have the same father

X chromosome testing is helpful in the case where two women believe they share the same father. Each female has two X chromosomes, one that was inherited from the mother and the other that was inherited from the father. In a case where two females think they have the same father but are certain they have different mothers then through this test, if their X chromosome patterns match, it means that they do share the same father.

In cases where two females share the same mother we can still participate in X chromosome testing but only if the mothers sample is available for testing. This way we can see the X pattern that was inherited or passed on from the mother and then compare the second X pattern that would have been passed on from the father.

If the two Sisters do share the same mother and can not submit her sample, then the alternative option for testing would be to do a full sibling STR test to determine if they were full or half siblings.

The X-Test is priced from €399 for two females to be tested.

X-SV maternal lineage test - testing to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage

This test can be used to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage, or if male and/or female children have the same biological mother. The test is based on the mitochondrial DNA sequence variation that is passed from females to their siblings. Since this has a relatively infrequent mutation rate, it will remain the same through various generations. Males do not pass the X-SV they inherited from their mother to their children.

This DNA test therefore focuses on the mitochondrial DNA and the result is based on the generation of a unique X-SV profile for each person tested. It is important to highlight that this test will not differentiate women from the same maternal lineage or children that have the same mother.

The cost of this test is €399. The turn-around time for this service is 19 - 21 business days (faster times are available, if you select the express option).

Relationship test results

Unlike a DNA paternity test which will always provide a conclusive result, relationship tests are different. When such a test is conducted, the laboratory will determine the genetic profile of the alleged relatives based on the type of genetic material exhibited by each person, a relationship index is determined. If the index is less than 1.00, this indicates non-relatedness. If the index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the 2 tested individuals are more likely to be true biological relatives. The higher the value of the index, the greater the likelihood the 2 individuals are true biological relatives. Although the test may not always provide you with a conclusive answer, it may be able to provide you with an indication of whether you are more likely to be or not to be the true biological relative of the other tested individual.

Please refer to our Order DNA test page for further information. We also understand that relationship testing is not as straight forward as paternity testing and are happy to advise you on the most appropriate test after discussing your situation. Please email easyDNA directly on

Our express service option allows your DNA samples to be processed within 48-72 Hours from receipt of samples at our laboratory.  For the additional service express fee you will have your results emailed to you within 2 working days. This service is offered to all DNA tests including relationship testing.

For detailed instructions on how to collect the samples please visit our DNA sample collection guide

If you want to submit samples other than the normal oral swabs please visit our DNA forensic section.

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