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Follow the latest developments at easyDNA EU through our Company News and Press Release announcements. We provide information about the developments of the company both in terms of expansion into new countries as well as information about the latest DNA testing services launched. easyDNA is at the forefront of DNA testing services and we look forward to keeping you posted on the expansion of the company.  

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List of Press Releases 2007-2011

21/03/2013 - easyDNA Receives Customer Care Award by for Second Year Running
12/08/2012 - easyDNA Ltd. Scoops Top Customer Service Award from users
05/03/2011 - easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in Bangladesh
05/01/2010 - easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in the Philippines
05/01/2011 - easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in the Czech Republic
25/08/2010 - easyDNA Explores Market Opportunities for DNA Testing in China
06/08/2010 - New easyDNA Fund Subsidizes Discounted DNA Testing for Those in Need
06/07/2010 - easyDNA Creates DNA Testing Fund for Social Cases in the UK
20/06/2010 - Introduction of Revolutionary DNA Test - The Genetic Health Predisposition Test
26/03/2010 - easyDNA Offers DNA Services to Clients in Over Fifty Countries
15/09/2009 - Sixteenth International Office opened by easyDNA
01/09/2009 - Expansion of EasyDNA into Mexico with New Administration Office
12/07/2009 - Rapid Increase in Demand across Africa Experienced by easyDNA
19/04/2009 - International Management Team Expanded by easyDNA
27/02/2009 - easyDNA Announces Increased Demand for DNA Testing of the Deceased
31/01/2009 - Increase in Growth for Advanced Forensic Testing Announced by easyDNA
01/09/2008 - easyDNA Experiences Large Increase in Cross-Border DNA Testing
01/08/2008 - Large Increases in DNA Testing Across Borders Experienced by easyDNA
10/07/2008 - easyDNA Slashes Price for its Express DNA Testing Service
01/07/2008 - easyDNA and DNA Check Sign Agreement to Promote DNA Tests in Congo
01/06/2008 - DNA Testing Launched in India by easyDNA
01/03/2008 - easyDNA South Africa Operations Launched
14/01/2008 - Another Successful Year for easyDNA
31/08/2007 - easyDNA Notes Increased Demand for DNA Forensic Testing Services
01/07/2007 - easyDNA launches operations in Canada
28/02/2007 - easyDNA Launches Operations in Australia and New Zealand

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