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With DNA testing from easyDNA Europe, you can expect accurate and confidential results quickly. All DNA tests are performed at an internationally accredited laboratory by highly skilled experts. Each DNA test performed provides probabilities in excess of 99.99 percent in the case of an inclusion and can determine 100 percent exclusion for non-related members being tested.

We will provide you with a home DNA test kit, that allows you to gather the samples you want to have compared on your own. Once you have collected the samples, simply send the kit back and we will perform the genetic DNA testing to conclusively determine the relationship between the parties involved. You will receive the test results in 5 to 7 working days.

The cost for a DNA paternity test is only €179. That includes everything - the kit, the actual test and the final results. We are also standing by to help you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire process. We also offer a risk-free and highly accurate non-invasive prenatal paternity test.

If you want to find out more about our paternity testing services in different languages click on the following links: test de paternité (French), test di paternità (Italian), prueba de paternidad ADN (Spanish) or Test ADN de Paternitate (Romanian).

When a member of the immediate family is not available for direct comparison testing, we are still able to determine biological relationships between siblings, grandparents and aunts/uncles. If you have questions regarding a specific case, please feel free to contact us for help. Our experienced team of DNA analysts will be happy to advise you, so you can receive the best results.

All of our tests are completely confidential and are analyzed with state-of-the-art genetic identification systems using 24 different genetic markers. All tests can also be performed through non-standard samples such as hair, clothing and cigarette butts.

Steps to order a DNA test

Step 1: After reviewing the information provided in the website please select the type of DNA test you require, these include: Paternity Test, Relationship Test, DNA Profile, Twin Zygosity Test, DNA Forensic Test, Ancestry DNA Test, Genetic Predisposition DNA Test etc. For further understanding of our portfolio please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section. For additional information on our tests, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service centre on

Step 2: For payment by Mastercard or Visa please proceed to order the test required from the following secure web link, Order DNA Test. Select the test that you require from the options provided and then continue to select the number of people participating in the test. Other payment options include bank transfer, bank cheques/drafts, postal orders and payment via Western Union. Please contact us for further details.

Step 3: After your order has been confirmed, a case reference number will be allocated to you and your DNA testing kit will be dispatched. This kit contains everything required for the test including comprehensive instructions. Visit our visual online Sample Collection Guide for information about how to collect your own samples. Please note that the DNA kit is applicable to all tests. For a Legal DNA Test a different sample collection procedure is required.

Step 4: After collecting the samples please return them to us in the self-addressed envelope provided with your kit also enclosing the submission forms correctly filled in.

Step 5: Once the lab receives your samples, the test will be processed and your DNA test results will be emailed to you within five to seven working days, unless you select our express option for an additional charge. We have provided a sample DNA Paternity test result online for your perusal.

What to look out for - DNA testing tips

Make sure that the company you are ordering from performs its DNA testing through an accredited laboratory that has ISO 17025 accreditation. You should also ensure that the paternity test is being conducted on a minimum of 16 genetic loci that will guarantee the levels of accuracy for comlpete peace of mind. Finally, use a company that provides excellent customer support so they can guide you through the process with as little stress as possible.

easyDNA offers gender prediction testing using maternal urine. Test can be done as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

...Please visit our DNA Tips for more information.

easyDNA Europe is an international provider of DNA testing and operates through administration offices in England, Italy and Belgium, Europe.

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